Masterproef van Andreia Morado, Pedro Sousa Loureiro & Lien Jansen

From an autobiographical point of view, Pedro Sousa Loureiro goes on a queer journey of discovery. He reflects on his own queer experiences, such as his coming-out, in relation to family and the society he grew up in. Thanks to pop culture heroes – think Madonna or The Spice Girls – Loureiro felt protected in his own queer search. 

He translates these experiences into re-enactments on stage. As a visitor, you first step between a number of video installations in which queer bodies are given visibility. Then you slowly enter a film set, in which the performers re-enact a number of scenes from Loureiro’s personal life. Between the re-enactments, the live cameras and the video installations, a new, imaginary dimension emerges. In it lives the freedom and imagination needed to deconstruct stereotypes about femininity and masculinity. 

At the same time, Loureiro realises that these experiences are not universal. He travelled to different social and cultural contexts, e.g. Armenia, for preliminary research, to address other perspectives. Questions about the relationship between our ego and personal growth, hierarchic power relations or personal struggles or self-acceptance thus suddenly appear in a completely different light. 


By Pedro Sousa Loureiro aka Feathering

With: Andreia Morado and Lien Jansen

Light and video: Jerome Roobaert 

External coach: Seppe Baeyens

Videi installation with: Gayane Khachatryan

Duur 1u30


Maandag 2 september // 21u // BRONKS